doctor? lolwut

On October 22, 2010, finally touching down in California after an interminable flight spent languishing in a steel case of emotion, I fired up my iPhone to check my email.

“Dear Candidate:  Congratulations.  The admissions committee at the Medical College of Wisconsin is pleased to offer you a space in the entering class of 2011.  Your acceptance packet will be mailed to you today.”

If I cried out on the airplane in celebration right then and there in my moment of triumph, I’m not sure that that wouldn’t have made some people concerned for their safety. It certainly isn’t behavior becoming of someone many years out of college. Opting instead for restraint, I calmly informed my seatmate. “Excuse me, you most likely have no reason to care, but I just had to tell someone that I just got into med school.”

It was that moment that sealed the deal: I’ll be trading my steady paycheck and the pretty secure job I’ve had for the last 7+ years for another four years of school (not counting residency and maybe fellowships) and six figures of debt, all because I had to decide I wanted to do something more with my life.

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