So I’m thinking hey it’d be cool if I got the job with GE after all the interview seemed to go pretty well and I have a shot but I really don’t want to get too attached to things that haven’t been decided yet not only that but they’re also out of my control so the only thing to do is to keep on keepin’ on but really there isn’t much to do in my life so I think about the coulda-woulda-shoulda’s and also the could-be’s including but not limited to “wouldn’t it be nice if I got the job with GE” though it’d be pretty stressful but at the same time I am really enticed by the opportunity to put some hard work in some real tangible projects and then I think but I’ve been back in Chicago barely a month and I’m just starting to get readjusted and starting to actually put down roots which I haven’t done since maybe ’99 or 2000 back in New York and if I get the job at GE then I’d have to uproot myself to Wisconsin which really isn’t that far from Chicago but the majority of my days would be spent there so it would effectively be moving out of Chicago and do I really want that?

Well, yeah… I do believe that the position with GE would be more rewarding, and I’m not just talking financially. But I’m sure that God will tell me what I am supposed to do, in a directive that takes the form of a job offer with GE, or lack thereof… I don’t recall the last time that I really had choices… most of the major decisions I’ve had to make have been no-brainers for the most part.