I've had this domain (the name was inspired by an Invader Zim cartoon) since 2002. It's seen several incarnations and a hiatus around 2004-2006; what you see here has been around since only 2009. The photoblog and regular (word) blog are separate, and with different layouts, because I do see them as different publishing outlets ultimately serving different purposes, although they may overlap from time to time. To that end, this particular "About" page focuses more on the photoblog/photography aspect of the site.

Photographs in the photoblog were primarily taken with a Nikon D70 that has served me faithfully since 2004, although it is quite long in the tooth these days (having had the opportunity to shoot with a friend's Canon 5D Mark II with an 85mm f/1.2 lens, my D70's shortcomings were made woefully apparent). My lenses include an 18-200mm f/3.5-4.5 VR, 50mm f/1.8, and a 105mm f/2 DC, all Nikkor lenses.

When I don't feel like lugging it around, I use my iPhone 3G. I generally don't post-process the iPhone photographs on my computer, instead relying on one of the following very capable iPhone apps: Photogene, CameraBag, and Photo fx. I used to have a Canon PowerShot SD600, but I lost it during an unfortunate trip to D.C. (I actually left my camera bag containing both my Nikon and the Canon in a conference room in the hotel I was staying at; when I retrieved the camera bag from lost and found, the Canon was nowhere to be found, sadly. That'll learn me.) I'd love to pick up a Harinezumi, however. Hm.


Anthony Nuval


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