Flickr Takes The Domes… and stuff

Reflection in the Pond (6642) Saturday saw some intrepid Cream City Flickr photogs brave the snow for a visit to the Mitchell Park Domes. Then it was off to TGI Friday’s at Miller Park for some brew and food–and an awesome opportunity to tour the park thanks to a couple of very accommodating staff! (Domes pictures here; Miller Park pictures soon to come.)

In other news, I seem to be having difficulties figuring out what my next move career/life-wise. I think this is causing much consternation with the management. It would be easier if I were absolutely tired of my current position… but I’ve somehow worked myself into something of a niche (rut) that I’m having trouble mentally extricating myself from. I’m having trouble coming up with the determination to just… leave. (Not that it would be any easier later.)

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